Monday, March 24, 2014

March 16-22 in Pictues

Mailbox Peak on Sunday was rainy at low altitudes, snowy at high

Playing at Catharine Blaine, Reed "adjusts" his glasses

We caught Reed quietly enjoying his book

I discovered Washington has "horseless carriage" license plates

Checked out Batch 206 Distillery on Friday

The boys climbed the orca art at Seattle Center

Hanging out with Baz


  1. Are you taking pictures while riding your motorcycle??!

  2. I record my rides with my helmet cam. That picture is a screen cap I pulled from the video after I got home.

  3. Do you record every time you ride? It's like you're living in Russia.

  4. Yes, I record every ride (unless my battery is drained or SD card full) -- just in case.