Friday, September 12, 2014

An inefficient way to draw a grid

Last night, I hit up the Microsoft Garage MakerLab in Redmond with a coworker. We got trained/certified on use of the Epilog laser cutter -- a somewhat astonishingly quick and easy process. Working the Epilog is hardly any different than any other printer, except you only need to unjam it if something starts on fire.

My goal for the evening was to create a go board that the boys and I can use together. (Recall that Reed has played before and done quite well on his own.) While in Minnesota this August, I used Dad's woodworking equipment to cut some plywood blanks that were to be two go boards -- 13x13 on one side, 9x9 on the other. They fit nicely into my backpack for the return trip.

Ahead of time, I created a quick and dirty C# app to generate a 13x13 SVG board and a 9x9 SVG board. Once in the MakerLab and ready to go, I used some scrap cardboard and a low power setting to start a test run:

You can see a faint grid below the fast-moving laser head

Once I was reasonably confident in the placement of the grid, I loaded one of my blanks into the laser. Within 15 seconds or so, I realized that I had hosed up the margins in my input file, as the top and right edges are quite narrow. 

The finished product, while not perfect, seems pretty good. This was etched at 600dpi, and when you inspect the lines (and especially the dots), you can see that it's fairly low-resolution.

With the 13x13 board done, I flipped the board over, printed the 9x9 grid with a 1200dpi setting and, I believe, used a slightly lower speed, which made the lines a bit deeper and more distinct. Here, Chase records a time-lapse while the Look of Disapproval watches with contempt:

The 9x9 turned out quite well, albeit also slightly off-center.

Before I left, I loaded up a couple Calvin & Hobbes images to see how raster etching worked out. I etched and cut two small images, one for each of my boys.

When they woke up this morning, they found Calvin, Hobbes, and Spaceman Spiff on their toy box waiting for them.

Friday, July 18, 2014

July 6-12 in Pictures

I discovered Jakes blankie at Rattlesnake Ledge on Sunday after it was lost Saturday

Bedtime reading...

...and some more reading the next morning

Jake has been climbing our maple tree with the help of my rope

A lone soldier fights back an entire army. Jake wanted this picture titled, "Uh oh."

The Cascades from Camp Muir shortly before bed

Little Tahoma, the third tallest point in Washington State

Monday, July 7, 2014

June 29-July 5 in Pictures

The boys work on building cots for their puppies

I check out the goal from the 13th floor of my building

The boys relax in the back yard, playing with some sort of racquet set they got

We get the boys KCLS library cards while they play on the computer

The lavender in the front has many and frequent apian visitors

The boys play with sparklers on the Fourth

Rattlesnake Lake, post-hike

Monday, June 30, 2014

Making the new house home

Last week, we moved into our new home in Renton. On Saturday, Andrea and I spent nearly the entire day unpacking boxes, cleaning out old carpet scraps from the attic, hanging curtains, and so on.

I've been meaning to take some pictures of the house now that we're in. With the progress we made this weekend, here are some significantly more representative shots.

The garage needs a bit of work but is coming along nicely. We plan to put Andrea's car in there once we make enough room. The washer and dryer are here (bottom left corner) and the attic is just above the ladder.

I expect I will seal the floor with some epoxy this August when Andrea and boys are in Minnesota.

Maybe add a workbench at some point?

The kitchen is basically done. It's easily several times as large as the one we had in Magnolia. Andrea and I made dinner together last night for some guests, and there was more room than we knew what to do with.

We're experimenting with our seating arrangements. We'd planned on putting this green bench against a different wall by itself, but that didn't seem to work too well. This may be more convenient, if not proper interior decor.

With the exception of the partially-assembled floor lamp, the living room has come together. The mirror above the mantle is setup just as it was in Clearwater. I re-installed the glass in the quilt rack Dad made.

I really like the way the end table works out here.
Andrea bought me this print for our ten-year anniversary. I wasn't so sure about the placement (on the wall between the kitchen and bathroom; across from the office), but the more I walk down our only hallway, the more I like it.

 The office is the one place that still needs some real work. We don't have our internet connection setup yet, so my computer is pretty much useless.

Still need to install my sheepskin throw on my IKEA chair
One of the less glamorous jobs on Saturday was cleaning the attic. Without a roof vent, it was quite hot up there. We found old, empty jars of hamburger relish; hanging lights and scraps of carpet that hearken back to the 70s; a newspaper from 1968 (pending a high quality digital scan from the fine folks at Sigh of Relief Organizing); a box filled with masking tape; various plant pots and stands; and a variety of other things that clearly hadn't been used in many years.

Jacob and Reed really wanted to join me in the attic, so after we cleaned out most of the old stuff and I swept as best I could, I gave them each a pair of gloves, boosted them up, and let them play. This was one of the most exciting things for them. They stacked the tape into a big pile then knocked it down. They explored the barely tall enough roofline without getting impaled by the roofing nails. And when it was time to get down, they promptly asked when they could go back up there.

We had some friends over for dinner last night, and as they were leaving, the boys found what we think are plums falling from the neighbor's tree. The two of them collected the small fruit and started pelting me, and an all-out food fight started. Luckily, it's not as dangerous as the apple fight I remember having at my Grandma Shirey's farm over twenty years ago.

Our boys are perhaps more enthused about our new house than we are. But I'm not far behind.

June 22-28 in Pictures

Dad, the boys and I explored for crabs at Elliot Bay Marina

The boys sleep in their nest just before our move

Moving day!

Reed uses his homemade bird feeder (thanks, Rachael!) to "walk" his carseat back to the car

The one casualty from our move is our trusty KitchenAid mixer

The family joined me for breakfast at work
Jake shows me the biggest strawberry ever, saved for tomorrow's breakfast

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 15-21 in Pictures

The boys watch a movie while Max is on guard

Max and I hang outside Albertsons 

Jake learns how the letters are changed on his (former) school's sign

Reed actually does quite well at go

Reed's scary face

The boys hydrate before another round down and up the escalators at work
Jake asked for hard-boiled eggs, having never tried them before.

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 8-14 in Pictures

Homemade bagels - quite possibly the best bagels I've ever eaten (at least when they're fresh)
Reed shows off his band-aids from recent vaccinations 

Reed preps for his haircut

Lunchbox Laboratory's Tear Jerker is made better with habaƱero powder

I get new Mammut mountaineering boots for my Rainier summit

Jacob made some cards for Grandma & Grandpa before they visit