Friday, July 18, 2014

July 6-12 in Pictures

I discovered Jakes blankie at Rattlesnake Ledge on Sunday after it was lost Saturday

Bedtime reading...

...and some more reading the next morning

Jake has been climbing our maple tree with the help of my rope

A lone soldier fights back an entire army. Jake wanted this picture titled, "Uh oh."

The Cascades from Camp Muir shortly before bed

Little Tahoma, the third tallest point in Washington State

Monday, July 7, 2014

June 29-July 5 in Pictures

The boys work on building cots for their puppies

I check out the goal from the 13th floor of my building

The boys relax in the back yard, playing with some sort of racquet set they got

We get the boys KCLS library cards while they play on the computer

The lavender in the front has many and frequent apian visitors

The boys play with sparklers on the Fourth

Rattlesnake Lake, post-hike