Sunday, March 3, 2019

I'm 37, I'm not old

 The latter half of February was pretty slow by our standards, though I did get two batches of beer brewed -- a hefeweizen and a dunkelweizen, which are now fully-recognized members of our family and have climate control rights. Seen here in the office before they moved to the garage.

And my birthday. My boys wanted to snuggle in with me and my delicious milk stout for a birthday selfie.

Reed has also been building some forts in our living room. After his first and most grand Ĺ“uvre d'art had to be deconstructed, he decided to do another one so we could have a boys night in the fort. He started by making a scale model out of magnetiles. Also, silly face, as per usual.

Then we built in Friday morning together.

He, Jake, and I slept it in Friday. Mostly, they slept and I laid down very uncomfortably for eight hours or so.

The next day, we went to Blue Origin's facility not far from our place to do a tour. No pictures were allowed inside, unfortunately, but it was pretty awesome.