Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Two generations of Shirey boys in graph form

Growing up, my parents marked my brothers' and my heights on a 1x4" board they kept in the hallway closet. Generally around our birthdays, they would scratch a line in it with a pen and write the date. This seems pretty standard practice, as I know of several other families that do this.

When our boys were little, Andrea and I inherited the board that my parents started a generation ago. Since Jake and Reed's heights are tracked on the reverse from mine and my brothers', it's quite easy to compare how they stack up against us.

And for a moderate amount of effort, it's also easy to input these data into Excel* and draw some lines. I knew that both my boys were roughly tracking Nate's height (and are actually a little taller than he was at their ages). I hadn't realized that for the longest time, I lagged by that much:

For what it's worth, I about caught up to Nate's height, though it didn't occur until after my parents stopped marking our heights on the board. I also hadn't realized that Matt and I were tracking at about the same height.

*Yes, this graph is actually drawn in PowerBI - it turned out to be easier there using the appropriate dimensions than in Excel)