Sunday, September 29, 2019

Back to Stone Gardens

After a long time away, we finally made it back to Stone Gardens as a family. The boys outgrew the shoes we bought for them for Christmas a few years back, but no matter.

Most the afternoon was bouldering:

But Reed got back into the autobelay that he loves:

Both the boys even tried some top-roping with me belaying them -- a great occasion for me to teach them climbing commands. (No photos, of course, since we were on-belay at the time.)

I also discussed with the boys that, back in college, we had to mark our gear in some way to discriminate between your gear and mine. We used cheap nail polish to identify our gear. Turns out I still have gear from my college days -- yellow and green was me.

This morning, we were all sore according to the climbing we did. And we're all looking forward to the next go.