Sunday, December 9, 2018

Belated Thanksgiving in Minnesota

Last year was our first time staying in Seattle for Christmas, and it was fantastic. This year, we decided we'd do the same, but we'd visit family for Thanksgiving instead. When it came time to buy tickets, we found that we could save a substantial sum if we delayed our trip until after the holiday, and, to boot, it would make the planning a bit easier for visiting families and friends.

The trip through SeaTac was itself an adventure with the boys loving the moving sidewalk.

We started off at Andrea's parents' place in Clearwater, where we visited them and our sisters-in-law and their families. 
Jake and Riley playing on the stairs

 The boys loved to snowboard down the hill outside my in-law's house.

Meanwhile, among other things, I often stayed inside with Parker and others.

All the grandsons often played together, drew/colored, etc.

Since it's so much colder there than it is here in Seattle, we weren't particularly well equipped for the cold, so Andrea bought new winter jackets. Jake loved to bundle up in his George Costanza coat.

At my parents' place, we went out a few times on the lake with the four-wheeler pulling the boys on their sled. Hanging out on the lake was fine, but as soon as there was any wind, it got pretty biting cold. Luckily, we were reasonably protected.

On a side trip to Duluth, Andrea and I visited my good friend Luke, who now works at Bent Paddle Brewing and thus got me a good deal of fantastic stout.

Their keg cooler is something to aspire to.

We did some more sledding and projects at my parents' house together -- more photos to come on the black walnut tables Dad and I started on.

And finally, the return flight to Seattle.