Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Show your ♥ for Seattle with this t-shirt

In July, I'm going to attempt a Mount Rainier summit, and the costs I incur (for crevasse training, a guide, etc.) will support the Washington National Park Fund. Therefore, I recruited my talented friend Luke Kackman to create a design with two icons of the city I love: the Space Needle and Mount Rainier itself. I am shamelessly selling t-shirts in various color schemes, the sum of whose profits will go entirely toward the non-profit WNPF for scientific research, volunteer efforts, search & rescue, education, and so on.

I have created six designs on where early adopters can enter their shirt size. When everyone's got their requests in, I will place the order. After a brief time, you'll give me $25, I give you the shirt, and you'll get a warm fuzzy feeling from knowing you're supporting Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Parks. To boot, you get to show off your love for the Emerald City.

Below are the current set of designs I have. Tentatively, I plan to place the order on Feb 22nd, but if all orders are in before then, I might do it earlier. These are not the only options, so if you or a loved one wants something different, I can set it up.




Ladies Dark Blue

Ladies Dark Gray

Ladies Light Blue
Unfortunately, there's no especially easy way for you to pick your own color combinations -- I'll have to create a new sign-up for each shirt style + shirt color + ink color combination.

Edit: Per request, I've created a white-on-dark-gray men's tee:
And a black-on-indigo men's tee:
Indigo blue