Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2013 in Review

Twenty thirteen was another exciting year for our little family. As I reflected upon the year, I considered what I would want to go back and tell myself on January 1st, 2013, about the upcoming year - positive or negative. Certainly one of the best changes for the year was my switch from Amazon to Microsoft. People still ask me how the new job is, and I still tell them the same thing which boils down to: I enjoy my new position, the new work and the new people.

I've made one of my life goals to try at least one new adventure each year, lest I become a fuddy-duddy. In 2012, the big adventure was moving to Seattle. The year before that was skydiving or learning to ride a motorcycle. (Take your pick.) But 2013 doesn't seem to have a particularly distinct adventure. I changed employers and hiked Camp Muir, among other hikes. I also tried surfing down in Santa Cruz. So I think those things cover me.

Our various 2013 excitement includes:
I do have my adventure selected for 2014: Andrea and I are getting tattoos. Well, she already got hers, but I will get mine designed and inked.

Other things we are looking forward to in 2014:
  • The growth of Andrea's business
  • Buying land/a house near Seattle
  • Reed starting kindergarten this fall and Jacob entering first grade
  • Andrea's and my tenth wedding anniversary (and finally drinking the mead +Eric March gave us so long ago)