Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Real men mend their hoodies

A few years ago, I bought for around $15 a hoodie that has turned out to be the most comfortable long-sleeved shirt I own. But with all the abuse it gets, it's taken on some wear. The left elbow wore thin and through. It probably should have been thrown out long ago, but as a stop-gap, I took an old climbing shirt I was throwing out, made a patch and did a terrible job of mending the shirt, as you can see:

The sartorial equivalent of a twelve-car pileup.

Very shortly thereafter, a hoodie I had received for Christmas a while back had the same problem. This time, I tried patching on the outside. I'm not sure which is worse.

Monday, when I wore the only other hoodie that I own, I found the sleeves were comically stretched out, so I took in about an inch of slack on each sleeve, making it significantly more comfortable and better-looking, to boot.

My experience with a sewing machine now includes mending hoodies, making tree-huggers (hammock suspension system) and making ninja masks. Quite the repertoire.