Sunday, November 3, 2013

Concluding the minimalist game

The end of October saw the end of the minimalist game I did with some friends, slightly modified to get rid of one item each day for week one, two per day for week two, three for week three, four for week four, and five for the remaining days in the month, which consisted of:

Days 1 & 2: Ten random CDs and DVDs
Day 3: Another extra multi-tool, double-edge safety razor, camp-quality soup spoon, hard drive, wireless card driver CD
Day 4: ENO DoubleNest hammock, two sake glass sets and an REI coffee mug.

In the last month, I've done away with 90 items from our house and from my life, and I'm quite confident that I will miss none of them -- which is not to say that I didn't enjoy those items that were gifts or get any utility of them. But the house is cleaner and my life is simpler without them.